Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Christmas Shopping

The Christmas shopping season has started. I must confess that absolutely I dread it. You always have so many people to consider on your shopping list that you can't possibly spend much money on each one and you end up spending a fortune buying a myriad of small things that in the end no one really wants. You go around spreading junk and collecting junk with a big smile on your face. I think that this, in this day and age when pollution and poverty are such huge and appalling problems, is just completely immoral. The problem is that even though most sensible people agree on this, they, or most of them, still keep to the old habit of buying everyone a present for tradition's sake and in the name of Christmas Spirit. The way I see it, the savage consumerism that characterizes Christmas nowadays has nothing to do with Christmas Spirit. In the end, it's just that you feel guilty if you get a present from someone you didn't buy something for and so you keep on buying.

Kids should get a FEW presents. Sensible ones. Adults should just go without.

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