Sunday, November 20, 2005

Is this for real ?

This was taken from a reader's letter in yesterday's Guardian newspaper:

"We need to buy a turkey for Christmas. [...]. We want it to be a "happy" turkey, ie organically/ ethically raised and slaughtered, if there is such a thing."

This is hysterical !!!!!

Like helloooooo ! If you REALLY want the turkey to be happy DON'T EAT IT !!!! Der!

P.S. I cannot even begin to describe the perplexity I felt a year ago at all the very loud protests about the mass slaughter (murder !) of turkeys for Christmas. I think that I'm begining to grasp that around here you either do not eat turkey during Christmas or if you do you have to make sure the turkey is happy about it ! I guess that for the remainder of the year it's OK for the turkey to be unhappy.

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