Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mad life

What meetings would I be rushing to today if I was still working at my old job ? Oh ! Very important meetings, no doubt, where you'd only start getting down to business after at least one hour from the scheduled start time, waiting for everyone to arrive, engaging in small talk, having to listen to stupid jokes or rude gossip, standing by as coffee is served, dealing with those who insist on going on receiving calls on their mobiles... Most probably the meetings would drag on for long after they were due to end, shattering plans and schedules and creating high levels of stress on all those who were supposed to be somewhere else, especially at the end of the day (in itself a very subjective concept in all of my previous jobs). Ah ! I forgot to mention that in the end there were usually no clear conclusions or decisions (most of the time we set out with no clear objectives either so...).
On account of a myriad of such meetings I missed out on innumerable and priceless milestones in my daughters's lives. I remember having to leave Ana at nursery school from 8:30 AM to 7 PM on most days when she was still a baby! I was not there to see her first steps or hear her first words ...
I fought to have more time for Clara when she was a baby and I got it but I ended up loosing all my career prospects at where I was working and I fell into a depression.
What earthshattering emergencies would I be attending to today ? They seemed to come up whenever I most needed time for my daughters ... Countless nights and weekends at work away from home ! What for ? And all those times when my babies were ill and I wasn't the one caring for them at home ... Wasn't mine a mad life ?

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