Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pre-Christmas frenzy

I've done most of my Christmas shopping. I know that from now until Christmas I'll be caught up in a frenzy of events barely under control. There will be parties to go to, Christmas cards to send, presents to wrap, Christmas decorations to be unpacked and put up and a bunch of "last minute things". At least this year I won't have to worry about buying food or cooking since we're going back to spend Christmas with our families.

The kids are very excited about being with their grandparents and aunts(who absolutely and unashamedly spoil them, especially at this time of year!). They have been duly assured that Santa Claus will know exactly where they are and will leave their Christmas presents in the right place (but just to be on the safe side, we'll leave a note for him on the kitchen table, where his milk and cookies should have been).

Along with a large suitcase full of presents I'm also taking a couple of boxes with Christmas crackers. Last year everybody loved the very English tradition of pulling crackers during the Christmas Day lunch.

Invented by a London sweet maker in 1846, a cracker is a brightly coloured paper tube, twisted at both ends, which contains a party hat (crown), a riddle and a small toy or other trinket. When it is pulled (by two people) it gives out a bang as its contents are scattered.

Some English Christmas traditions we'll be sorry to miss this year: the Queen's Christmas Message, mince pies, trifle ...

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BBB said...

I´m so looking forward to Christmas!!! Specially because we will be all together again!!!! Don´t loose your head, ok?
Love u