Saturday, November 12, 2005


My Saturday was mostly unremarkable but it still had a few highlights: my husband did the cooking and I had my hair done by my 5 year-old daughter while we were watching Strictly Come Dancing on BBC1.

"Strictly Come Dancing" is the only show on TV that the four of us watch together and also the only one that the kids are allowed to watch after supper.

TV is not a big part of our free time (and there are no TV's in the bedrooms). As a matter of fact, right now the only programme my husband and I really like to watch on television is QI. Occasionally there are interesting documentaries or good adaptations of classic novels (such as the new BBC drama series based on Charles Dickens's Bleak House) that deserve our attention, but generally we find that most stuff on TV is just not worth watching. There are better things to do when you have so little free time.
The kids usually watch a bit of Nick Jr after school but nothing that's out of control.

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