Friday, November 25, 2005

Snow and boots

Yesterday we were promised snow for today. Lots of snow. Indeed the forecast was so bad that for the first time the girls's school handed out a bulletin listing radio stations and internet sites that would inform parents if the school was closing due to bad weather.

So, yesterday after school I rushed with the kids to a shoe department store to get them some proper warm boots for 20 cm of snow. Not a problem, as far as Ana is concerned. Buying shoes for Clara, however, is always a patience-testing event. She hates trying things on and usually doesn't bother in the least to give me understandable and coherent feedback.

After a nerve-wrecking hour and a half where no boot sized 8, 81/2, 9, 91/2 and 10 was left untried, I ended up - in a fit of despair - buying Clara ... pink boots. Yes, unthinkable pink furry things ! ! !

Today it's bitterly cold but there's no snow. So much for the weather forecast. Clara's boots, however, proved to be a good buy: they were coveted by every girl in her class, much to her joy. A couple of mums appraisingly asked me where I got them. So much for my taste.

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Anonymous said...

I bet she looked wonderful in them!!!!!!
Love u