Thursday, November 17, 2005

An unfortunate event

Yesterday I got a call from school. Clara had fallen in the playground and they suspected she might have broken the little finger on her right-hand. I confess that every time I'm phoned about something bad having happened to either of the girls my first reaction is to panic and imagine the worse. Fortunately I'm also always quick at pulling myself together so that I can properly deal with the situation.

I went to pick Clara up from school and took her to the hospital (it was the first time I went there since moving here from Portugal 18 months ago). She was seen right away, her finger was x-rayed and it turned out she hadn't broken any bones. She did have a bad sprain, though, and her finger was completely black and blue, swollen and very sore. She came home with it "buddy-taped" to the next finger.

When it was clear that everything was alright, I allowed myself to be amazed at how bravely she had behaved (she did not cry or fuss at all) and at the ease with which she chats-up everyone she meets. She definitely has a winning personality.

On account of this, though, she ended up missing her first disco party at school. Now, that's what really upset her.

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