Sunday, December 04, 2005

Goodies from Grenoble

Hubby arrived from Grenoble yesterday loaded with goodies: cheese and sweets.

France produces nearly 400 different types of cheese, some of them considered to be the best in the world, so I guess that good cheese is something you should definitely get when you're there. He brought home some "Saint-Felicien" , some "Beaufort" (not from the Grenoble region) and some "Le Delice du Ministre" Chevre (goat's cheese). Excellent cheese. Combined perfectly with good Portuguese red wine (Touriga Nacional 2003 vintage).

As for the sweet stuff, he bought two kinds: delicious arabic baklava-like pastry (but not as sweet) and bonbons.

The bonbons were truly divine. He got them from a little boulangerie-patisserie called Bourbon, on 3 Place Notre Dame.

O la la !!! Vive la France !

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