Monday, December 05, 2005

No Christmas Carols, please !

Yesterday, late in the afternoon, a policeman came by and knocked at our door. Since my kids only know what policemen are like from what they see on TV, they were in awe, thinking "Is something wrong ? Who is going to jail?". I don't know what my husband's thoughts were when he answered the door but mine were a mix of "Oops, they caught me speeding somewhere and I'm about to be fined" and "Something bad has happened to our neighbors." Well, it was none of it. It turns out that there had been a complaint from someone in the neighborhood about some Christmas Carolers and the policeman was trying to assess who else had been bothered by them. Fortunately we hadn't and so that was that. Still, we were quite amused with the story: what nasty stuff could these Carolers have done to have the police called on them !

So, here's a fair warning to all of you: Beware of the nasty Christmas Carolers ! They're out there somewhere !

Worthy of a Monty Python sketch.

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