Tuesday, January 10, 2006

For you it's just a click

Dear visitors,

Please, please don't forget to click on the "Race to Help Children in Need" link, on the right, when you visit this blog. Each click generates a donation, paid by Care2 and other corporate advertising sponsors, to sponsor a needy child through Children International. 100% of the money you generate will be sent to Children International. Contributions are funded by sponsors who have agreed to pay to be featured on the Race for Children in Need. If during a period there are no paying corporate advertising sponsors, Care2 has guaranteed to make a donation of at least $1 for every 1000 clicks on the Children's race. No matter what, every time you click, (up to once per day) you will be generating a donation to support one of Care2's kids.

All children deserve to be happy, healthy, and protected from harm.

Make a difference today. It's just a click.

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