Sunday, January 22, 2006

An important day

Today Portugal will elect its new President and I'm sorry I can't vote. Due to burocratic delays, it turned out that if I really wanted to vote in these elections I would have to travel to Lisbon to do so, which is absolutely crazy (I don't have the money nor the time). I did travel to Portugal on purpose last Febuary to vote in the legislative election of the government but I was so unlucky that I lost my wallet with all my documents on the morning of the election and I couldn't vote after all. Believe me it took some time to recover from my anger. It was the first time ever I didn't vote on an election in my country. I firmly belive that voting is as much a right as an obligation in democracy.
In spite of Portugal being a parliamentary democracy, its President plays an important role as the supreme guarantor of balance and stability in the Republic.
How will things turn out ? Although no big surprises are expected nothing can be taken for granted.

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