Thursday, January 19, 2006

In the news today

The big freeze: the temperature in Moscow plummeted to -30C last night and at least 2 dozen people have died of exposure. The cold weather in Russia has already triggered another energy "crisis" in Europe. Reports say Russian gas flows to parts of Europe have fallen by as much as 20% and Italy has said it has had to tap into its gas reserves to account for a 5% drop in supplies from Gazprom.

The sex offenders in schools case is, seemingly, coming to an end. There will be tighter controls and new, independent, control bodies. Ruth Kelly stays.

The foes of Dominique de Villepin in trying to modernize the French labour market.

And last but not least, Australia's prisons are for fat people: "An Australian prisoner has broken out of a top security jail by losing enough weight to squeeze through a gap between the bars of his cell and a brick wall.
Robert Cole, 36, was serving time for armed robbery and assault.
He went into prison weighing 70kg and left it weighing 56kg, according to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.
Authorities at Sydney's Long Bay Prison are "obviously very embarrassed" by the escape, a prison official told the AFP news agency.
The government of New South Wales state has called for a meeting of top prison officials following the escape - the third from a state prison in the last week."


Anonymous said...

And the Oscar for the understatement of the year goes to....
The foes of Dominique de Villepin in trying to modernize the French labour market.
Trying to modernize?
It it even better than military assassination squads jargon saying "terminate" someone instead of killing him (or her)
I know you don't like my saying but....
"modernize this....."
or "modernise my a.."
How it is possible that someone who chooses so well his paintings chooses so badly his quotes?

Claudia said...

1. I'm Claudia. It's not "his" paintings and quotes but "her" paintings and quotes.
2. "Understatement" is a form of speech where a lesser expression is used than what would be expected. What would, in your view, be the "correct" sentence to describe the Guardian's article ?
3. To put it in the words of the Guardian's European Business Editor, "This week de Villepin called for a radical overhaul of France's labour market in an effort to drag the country into the 21st century. [...]France, a deeply conservative country in the throes of a collective identity crisis, appears incapable of anticipating change without screaming about insecurity." What don't you agree with ? That France is living a profound crisis ? That greater flexibility is required by businesses under globalisation ? That France is a conservative country ? That French unemployment at near 10% is something that Dominique de Villepin feels he needs to tackle ?
4.I'm sorry for saying so, but your counter argumentation with its military assassination squads(????!!!) and fabulous dot dot dot technique leaves much to be desired as far as effectiveness goes.
5. Last but not least: I do appreciate your comments just the same. I just wish they could be a little more ... (the dot dot dot technique)