Wednesday, January 11, 2006

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BBB said...

My love. Thank you for your call. It really helped! Time cures everything... I just need time. I wish u were here. But love can be felt even from a distance!
And knowing I have you and the rest of the family supporting me is really important. Even when we don´t talk about it.
The future is uncertain. Sometimes we don´t have the happiness of having what we want and what we need. But we survive and go on living one day at a time. I still have to decide what to do. But it´s my decision. And all I hope is that the ones who love me understand and help in anyway they can. Even if they don´t agree. There´s to much at stake for me. And I have to know that whatever I decide you´ll be there for me.
Even if it´s the stupidest thing.
Love u all!

Chris said...

Beautiful song !

Anonymous said...