Saturday, January 21, 2006


Apparently I’ve disappointed at least two of my most cherished readers with the choice of political articles I’ve featured in this blog so far. I am no politician, journalist, opinion-maker or political analyst. I’m merely an interested and open-minded spectator of the mighty political arena who’s permeable, to some extent, to interesting and articulate points-of-view. I hate taking things at face value. I hate political party doctrines. I enjoy following political argumentations and counter-argumentations, as I learn immensely from them. I like to see light emerge from controversy. And, most of all, I look upon “conspiracy theories” with the utmost reserve.

My political open-mindedness, though, and this might not come through clearly enough, does not at any moment interfere with the very core and backbone of my personal political values (the ones by which I live), which comprehend far more social-driven principles than economy-driven ones. I side with the underdog against the system (on most occasions) and I firmly believe that the State has paramount responsibility in securing the welfare of its citizens, who, in turn, also have paramount responsibilities towards the State.

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find any interesting or articulate “left-wing” articles in the papers for a long time or even anything that might raise some controversy with my “right-wing” readers. You could say that the press is all in the hands of the Capitalists and the left has no means of expressing itself other then by vote or strike. It might be. Any help with my search will be most welcome. Until then, I’ll abstain from further political references in this blog.

Your feedback has been precious and most helpful. Thanks.

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