Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Science and tech news

An extremely interesting article on the emergent medical belief that certain common everyday infections might trigger cancer. If so, vaccination could play a vital role in future cancer prevention schemes. Some months back it was announced that a new jab against cervical cancer could be available within 2 years. This could be a promising start in understanding and controlling cancer.
Chimpanzees are closer to man than to ape, a DNA study shows. A proposal to reclassify chimps as members of the human family, the only survivor of the genus Homo, has seen the light of day, shrouded in controversy.
A lot of people probably don't realize the huge amounts of energy they waste daily by leaving electric and electronic devices on standby mode. On the other hand, lots of them do realize this but can't (or won't) break the habit of not doing something about it. Do these gadgets really need to have standby buttons ?
Doesn't it upset you just a little to know that Google, Yahoo !, MSN and such others keep all the records of all the searches you ever ran through their search engines ?
The number of iTunes users is soaring. Do you know they are likely to drive VW's ?

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