Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Summer holidays

To lift spirits up a bit and because the January Sale on Expedia is about to end, I've started putting together our next Summer holiday.
First draft: 4 direct flights leaving and arriving at decent times + city hotel for 1 week + beach apartment for 3 weeks + car rental + car parking. Sum it all up and ... I really do need to win that Euromillions. Try again. Forget about the decency of time. Still too much. Forget about having A/C in the car. Still too much. Forget about 3 weeks by the seaside.
Oh well. So much for spirit lifting.

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BBB said...

Well, it may not be much but let me make a little suggestion:
1- between the four of us here, only three are drivers, and there are four cars. So... I think the car is something you can take off the list.
2 - My "new" house, will be ready by then. It has three bedrooms, so I think that hotel 1 week in the city, you can take of the list...
3 - Three weeks by the seaside, well that has to be done! One apartment is for sure... maybe the rest of us can chip in, rent something a little bigger, but that comes out cheaper for all. Not a bad ideia hum? Think about it... LOVE U