Thursday, January 26, 2006

The tech bit: all about Google

If you're reading my blog you're probably a Google user. And, if you do use Google and have a streak of curiosity in your personality, you might like to know a bit more about what's behind its amazing power (have you ever really thought about it ?!) and how this power will evolve, shaping things to come.
Here's an excerpt from a very interesting article in today's Guardian newspaper:
"Google has the potential to destroy the publishing industry, the newspaper business, high street retailing and our privacy. Not that it will necessarily do any of these things, but for the first time, considered soberly, these things are technologically possible. The company is rich and determined and is not going away any time soon. It knows what it is doing technologically; socially, though, it can't possibly know, and I don't think anyone else can either. The best historical analogy for where Google is today probably comes from the time when the railroads were being built. Everyone knew that trains and railways would change the world, but no one predicted the invention of suburbs. Google, and the increased flow of information on which it rides and from which it benefits, is the railway. I don't think we've yet seen the first suburbs."

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