Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bedtime rituals

After the common and ordinary bedtime routine most children follow(changing into pajamas, going to the loo, brushing teeth) there's still these daily voluntary or involuntary "it's time for beddy-bed" rituals and customs to be observed around here:


1. Making Teddy's bed. This basically means surrounding and covering poor Teddy with all the pillows that are on the bed.

2. Reading a story with Mummy, Daddy or, occasionally, Sis.

3. Lighting up the glow-in-the-dark sheep above the bed. You point the reading spotlight at them and then turn off the light "real quick" to see them glow bright green (they make your nightmares go away ...).

3. Falling asleep (holding hands with Mum) within 2 minutes.


1. Checking for spiders or other creepy-crawlies under, around and above the bed.(*)

2. Putting on hand-cream and waiting for it to disappear.

3. Reading until lights out time.

4. Tossing, turning and counting sheep until heavy eyelids finally close for the day.

(*) This has a logical and rather traumatic explanation which I won't go into now... It basically has to do with the fact that we now live in the country, where certain creatures which we weren't used to in the city are not that uncommon inside the house ...


Mike said...

Nice Blog :)


specky said...

Very sweet