Friday, February 03, 2006

Clara's class assembly

Clara's midterm class assembly was today and parents were invited to watch. The theme was Africa and the kids presented us with a variety of songs about African animals and a short play reflecting what they had learned about Africa for the past month. As always, I was amazed at how well organized everything was and, especially, at how well behaved and well rehearsed the kids were (both the little ones, with age range 5-6 who were presenting, and the big ones, aged 6 to 11, who were watching along with us parents). This is a great way to promote self-confidence, discipline and oratory skills in kids as they are taught and encouraged to speak, sing, dance, act and present their work before large audiences from an early age.
I was quite proud of Clara (so, what else is new, you might say...): she knew her lines by heart, she delivered them at the right time with the right attitude and she spoke with no accent whatsoever. Her voice projection was great and her songs were never out of tune. My little princess was fantastic.
Ana sat with us, watching, and she was also very proud of her little sis.

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