Monday, February 06, 2006

Good sense: badly needed !

Our freedom ends where the rights of others begin. However, it is often misused by people who abuse it in disregard and contempt for this basic principle. At a time when nothing is sacred or worth any respect in Western culture can we really be surprised at the Muslim reaction to the blasted cartoons published in Denmark and republished all over Europe ? I don't think so. Only those ignorant of the Muslim faith and lacking any good sense whatsoever regarding the increasingly tense interaction between Muslims and non-Muslims might have thought this "incident" would have no consequences. The freedom to publish the cartoons entails the freedom to suffer the consequences. And in this particular case they will be heavy.


Anonymous said...

The Muslims in the Middle East do not understand the concept of "freedom of speech" or "freedom of religion". They are forced into that religion under threat of certain death. They were never given a choice as to what to believe or not. They were never allowed mental or ideological freedom. They were only shown violence if they did not believe and practice the customs of that religion. Is it any wonder that they are expressing more violence?
Do you ever wonder what religion you would choose if you were not conditioned into a religion by your parents? The Muslims do not have the luxury to think such thoughts as the practise of their religion is infinitely tied in with their immediate physical survival. They are a manipulated people, in centuries past and certainly today. There are many forces at work, political and religious, that stir up their passions, violence and anger.

Claudia said...

All the more reason to use a great deal of good sense when dealing with them. Unfortunately there are indeed very strong forces at work to lead us all into a religious conflict. The very last thing we need.