Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I'm coming down with the flu. I have a fever, I'm shivering, I ache all over and all I long for is to be in bed. As I'm usually pretty tough, the virus must have taken advantage of my shock at learning, last night, that one of the people I most vehemently admired in the blogosphere had died of a sudden and violent pulmonary embolism. Joana, who I had known for almost three years and whose political blog, Semiramis, I considered to be one of the best in Portugal, was just slightly older than me. She had two kids about the same age as mine. For me, and many others, this early departure brought on a tremendous feeling of sadness and emptiness.
And it's just so eerie for the blog to calmly stay there, vast, beautiful and severed; a window into the mind of a person that not longer exists but whose essence is still there. It's still visited daily by hundreds of people who just can't believe it and who are desperately hoping to find yet a new post. Joana used to post daily.


Anonymous said...

I hope Ana and Clara are taking good care of you. Get well fast. I sent you some medicine

PS - iwzavb to you too

BBB said...

Hope you get better soon!!! Love U.