Saturday, February 18, 2006

Late night musings

Glancing over my blog. What comes across about me so far (not that that's what it's for, but it's inevitable...) ?


I love my daughters
I don't get out much
I'm moody
I have a conservative approach to life
I strive to be a good mother and present myself as such
I put family before self
I love music, poetry and reading
I like artists that either went mad or committed suicide
I like sharing
I'm interested in politics, the economy and society but, in my own interest, mostly keep my opinions to myself
I feel the need to keep in touch with family and friends
I'm on some kind of bloggist therapeutic experiment

This is how I paint myself. Is all of it true, I wonder...


ERR... said...

Alô! Tenho gostado mt de te ler e espero que continues. Beijocas.

Anonymous said...

Mostly true. But don't examine yourself too much or too often. It can become unhealthy.
A french comediant said once " I put one feet ahead of the other. Then the other ahead of the first one. And I suddenly realize that, like an idiot, I'm walking"