Friday, February 24, 2006

Plácido rules OK !

For the first time since 1990, the Three Tenors will not be singing at the opening ceremony of the Football World Cup, to be held in Germany this June. Plácido Domingo will be doing it alone. As Norman Lebrecht puts it, in his La Scena Musicale weekly column:

No matter who wins the football, Placido Domingo will walk away from Germany 2006 as the richest and most powerful operatic personage on earth. Where the Three Tenors carved up the record business between them in royalty deals worth more than 40 million dollars, Domingo now has the game all to himself.

Plácido Domingo, who has just been given a five-year contract extension as general director of the Los Angeles Opera, is undoubtedly still going strong. THE star of opera stars.

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Dad said...

But Pavarotti is coming soon to Lisbon to sing in Pavilhão Atlântico. I'm going to try to get tickets