Saturday, February 04, 2006


I've loved Scotland even before I knew it and still more since then. The magical green and gray geography with its vastness, silence and grandiosity. Lochs, glens, firths, rocky streams, mists, highlands and lowlands. Ancient ruins, churches, palaces and castles impregnated with the memory and spirit of centuries of the most dramatic events. The history and myths surrounding Mary, the Queen of Scotts, Rob Roy and William Wallace. The prose and poetry of Sir Walter Scott. The sound of bagpipes. The kilts and the clans. The devout nationalism of any true Scott. These have long inspired me. This post is my homage to beautiful Scotland.
"The Legend Spreads" from Braveheart's soundtrack

At a village in Scotland

O NORTH! as thy romantic vales I leave,
And bid farewell to each retiring hill,
Where thoughtful fancy seems to linger still,
Tracing the broad bright landscape; much I grieve
That mingled with the toiling croud, no more
I shall return, your varied views to mark,
Of rocks winding wild, and mountains hoar,
Or castle gleaming on the distant steep.
Yet not the less I pray your charms may last,
And many a soften'd image of the past
Pensive combine; and bid remembrance keep
To cheer me with the thought of pleasure flown,
When I am wand'ring on my way alone

Poem by William Lisle Bowles

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