Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Skype et al

It's a couple of days since my last entry. I haven't felt up to writing for a number of reasons, the most important of which being that Ana is ill with a gastroenteritis. On Monday she spent the whole day throwing up and going to the loo. She was so shaky and weak she couldn't even manage to go to the doctor's with me. Since then, medicine, rest and a special diet have made quite a difference: she's feeling much better and she's up to going to school tomorrow. This term is really important because of the SAT's in May. I hope she doesn't have to miss any more school.
Meanwhile I've talked my folks into getting Skype and now we can talk to each other any time we feel like it without having to worry about what it costs because it costs nothing at all. Great!! Yesterday we were even talking about the Benfica-Liverpool football match, which Benfica won in Lisbon. Unfortunately, around here all the media's attention was focused on the Real Madrid - Arsenal match which Arsenal won in the Santiago Barnabeo Stadium in Madrid. About the game against Benfica all that was said was that one of the English players had been hit in the eye in the beginning of the game and had to spend the night in hospital. Oh well. As if I care much about football ... My dad does, though ! He is and has always been a fervent Benfiquista !
I've finished Paul Auster's "The Brooklyn Follies" and am now reading Nick Hornby's "About a Boy", Stephen Fry's "The Ode Less Travelled" and a PhD thesis written by a BIG shot Portuguese philologist (I can't seem to get past the page 6, though ...).
Right now, however, I'm off to watch the begining of the new The Apprentice series on BBC2. Sir Alan M. Sugar reigns supreme and, once a week, shoots his famous "You're fired!" at one of his wannabe apprentices. Boy, oh boy, am I glad I got out of the business jungle !

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Anonymous said...

....and a PhD thesis written by a BIG shot Portuguese philologist (I can't seem to get past the page 6, though ...).
Keep up the good work. Carry on!