Saturday, March 04, 2006

Déjà vu

We're back to the big freeze, only this time the boiler is gone for good. I can't believe that after three months of complaining about the central heating system to the rentals agency, no one was able to prevent this. The plumber who came in today said that the blasted thing was completely rotten inside and was not reparable. Apparently it had been leaking for ever and if someone had done something about it earlier it could have been saved but now it is far beyond repair. He sealed it off. We've been here for 18 months. Since then there has been an official gas (Corgi) inspection that detected nothing wrong and four visits by technicians regarding our complaints about the heating. Was it really necessary to let the whole thing bust beyond repair to find out what was wrong with it ?? Yesterday we got ourselves some portable heaters from Argos because at night temperatures are dropping to -9ºC/17ºF. We do have running hot water because of the emergency boiler but we're bracing ourselves for another couple of weeks without a warm house. At least the £1000 for the new boiler and its installation is not coming out of our pocket...
Meanwhile, our landlord has told us that he wants the house back by the beginning of May. We've let him know that we're interested in buying it from him but negotiations are going to be delicate: of course he would prefer to sell the house directly to us without involving a real estate agency but he tentatively started out asking for a lot more than what the property is worth. We've just made him an offer that's a long way off from what he asked and we're waiting for his feedback. In the mean time we're, once again, out looking at properties for sale, in case things turn out for the worse ... there's some truly lovely houses out there but I really DO NOT feel like packing up and moving again!


Anonymous said...

a) first comment: BRRRRRRRRR
b) second comment: welcome to the joys of free market for house rentals. What was it that I always said about this???

Claudia said...

The contract was due to end in the begining of May anyway ... we just kept on renewing it because... well, because you know how we are... in a way it's good because now we have to deal with the problem once and for all.

WHAT was it you always said about this ?