Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mother's day update

The day didn't turn out to be as pleasant as we had hoped for. Just as I finished my last post and was starting to get ready for lunch, Clara said that she had a headache and she didn't want to go out. I felt her forehead and she had a temperature. She spent the rest of the day in bed, sleeping, coughing and being sick, but feeling mildly better whenever she was under the influence of the blessed Nurofen I'm giving her every 6 hours. I invented two fairly long and quirky stories to amuse her, read her a couple of books, did God knows how many puzzles with her and so passed the time. My princess. She's sleeping with me tonight and staying home tomorrow.
P.S. - How I miss the good old mercury thermometers: each of my three digital temperature reading gizmos presents me with a different reading and I feel that none of them is even remotely reliable.

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BBB said...

i hope she feels better very soon. miau sends all her love.