Saturday, April 08, 2006

About France

Going into the third month of protests against the government, France's unrest is mounting and is possibly a symptom of something bigger than just discontent with the CPE (First Employment Contract). This blog minutely covers - in English - what's going on in France. Through it, I arrived at an interesting article in the International Herald Tribute, "Capitalism under fire". There's also an earlier article on the French protests by the same author: "When a young Frenchman's fancy turns to revolution".

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Anonymous said...

Well, although the article says what I have always tried to make you understand with little success (you are against my sayings by principle), I am very happy that you give some credit to someone who writes something intelligent!
Three Hurras for Mr William Pfaff's "Capitalism under fire", even though he is able to write such obnoxious sentence as ".. equality - that radical notion of which France is nearly alone in prclaiming as a national cause".. but I suspect he is being ironic