Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Carnation Revolution

Today Portugal commemorates its Liberty Day: 32 years ago, the Carnation Revolution put an end to 40 years of authoritarian dictatorship in the country and opened the door to democracy. I was a child but I still remember it pretty well, especially because there was no school for a couple of days (my school was right next to the Parliament Palace) and all the grownups seemed to behave in a particularly strange way, which is never reassuring for a 6 year-old child.
The revolution started at precisely 12:15 am with the broadcast on national radio of a revolutionary song that had been banned by the regime: Grandola Vila Morena.
For most of the 20th century, Portugal lagged behind other Western World countries due to its dictatorial regime of isolationism; that is well reflected in these photos of the revolution: in spite of having been taken in 1974, they look ancient!
We've come a long way in 32 years !


Anonymous said...

RTP1 issued a extremely good programe about the difference between 1974 and 2004... at 2h15 am on the 25th.
I hope you will be able to see it

Claudia said...

No RTP1 around here, I'm afraid... just some 800 other TV channels, none of them Portuguese.