Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happiness: THE formula

Hey, y'all ! An economist (who else) has come up with THE key to human happiness, based on a bunch of scientific data. Here's the formula: Where:

E, the multiplier, is the emotion/enthusiasm with which we live.
M means maintenance or attention to detail. See the tree and not the forest. Focus on the essential and not on the important.
B is for the quest for happiness. The quest and the anticipation bring more happiness than the attainment in itself.
P stands for Personal Relationships
R stands for the reducing factors:
- Not being able to "unlearn" or not being able of getting rid of pre-concepts.
- Basing decision on the group's memory instead of one's experience.
- Interfering with automated psychological processes, trying to manipulate the feelings and reactions.
- Having fear.
C stands for genetic and other inherited factors.


Taken from my homonym's blog.

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