Friday, April 21, 2006

Seasonal hair loss

The amount of hair I lose during spring and autumn is so huge, I'm convinced several wigs could be made out of it. I get handfuls of dead hair whenever I shampoo, use the brush or make a mere ponytail. I actually lose more hair in each of these two seasons - every year - than I did after each of my pregnancies, which, for those who don't know it, is supposed to be the time in a woman's life when she loses the most hair due to hormonal changes (along with menopause, which I hope is still a long way off). Fortunately, so far, new hair has always promptly replaced lost hair, even if the effect of so much new hair growing from scratch at the same time can, some times, be slightly disconcerting (punkish, even). My genetic imprint has this very primitive characteristic of moulting in common with that of the many animals that also shed their feathers, fur or skin during this time of year. It all goes to show you that we're all one great big family.

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Rauf said...

Dieting the usual cause