Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Curious George

I took the girls to the cinema after lunch. It was either "The Wild" or "Curious George" and even though the first one - a big Walt Disney production - is playing every hour, we went for the latter, which is small production and only shows every three hours.
No regrets: it is money and time well spent !
"Curious George" is simply (and the keyword here is simply) the best and cutest film for small children that I have ever seen (including the Disney classics we all grew up with). It's extremely basic (no double-meanings for grownups, contrary to the current fashion in small kids' movies) yet extraordinarily expressive and appealing to young minds and hearts. The colours, the music, the streamlined 1950s style drawing are absolutely fantastic. An instant classic.
Ana and Clara adored it and so did I.
Note: To put my appraisal into context, I must say that I don't think I've missed a single movie for kids in the last 11 years and that I don't usually enjoy them.

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