Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Early summer

For the most part of the past week, we've been blessed with glorious and very atypical weather for this time of year in this part of the world: temperatures well above 20ºC, sunshine, clear blue skies and no wind. Being out in the garden is a delight once again, the fragrance in the air is floral, fresh and sweet, the warmth of the sun on my bare skin feels exhilarating and sensual, hanging the washing out to dry and doing some gardening is a pleasure and even little things like leaving windows and doors open throughout the day and not having the heating on during the night feel great.
Not a good week to blog, as inspiration evidently lies elsewhere. There would be a lot to blog about, though, starting with some disturbing international news involving the USA, Russia, Iran, Iraq and the EU, going on to having my say - who cares ?? - about the ludicrous pseudo-crisis fueled by the media and the opposition around Tony Blair's stepping down from power to give way to Gordon Brown - or maybe I should just say it outright: to David Cameron - and ending with my impressions of tonight's final episode of The Apprentice (Ruth Badger should have won !). None of that, though. Maybe when it starts raining again ...

PS - Ana's SAT's have been going fine so far. Science and English are over. Maths tomorrow and on Friday. They are having a disco party next week to celebrate the end of it.

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unowho said...

Reading about it all made my day...And now, let's start my work! (that's what they pay me for...)Lots of good wishes for the day's big endeavour.