Sunday, May 28, 2006

London on the run

We're back. Didn't have much luck with the weather in London but it was still fun.
We stayed at a hotel in Kings Cross, right above the busy railway line. The view from the window was very similar to the one in the "The Ladykillers" (with Alec Guiness; great film!). The noise was so frequent and so loud that, if it wasn't for the fact that I wasn't being rocked around, it would have felt pretty much the same as when I traveled overnight between Lisbon and Madrid in the sleeper-car of the Lusitania train.
Mary Poppins was a hit with Ana but apparently not so with Clara, who, as soon as she spotted the almost invisible lines that made it possible for the characters to fly, announced that she thought that the whole thing was a sham and that it was boring. As far as I'm concerned, thought, the evening out was well worth the almost £200 we paid for it and I don't think the girls will ever forget it. The sets and the scenography were fantastic, so were the special effects and I must say that I much prefer the script of the theatre play to that of the 1960s movie with Julie Andrews, which I find a lot sillier. The acting, singing and dancing were also excellent, as to be expected from a West End Theatre.
The London Zoo was a bit more successful in raising some all-around enthusiasm, in spite of the persistent rain. We took shelter for some time in those omnipresent pavilions dedicated to bugs, spiders and reptiles which seem to attract kids' interest like an magnet. Why do kids love creepy-crawlies so ????!!! Yew ...
Accident prone as I am, I managed to have a minor incident when we were getting into one of the famous and prohibitively expensive London cabs (in soaking rain, we were fleeing from the Zoo, near which there are no buses or tube stations, and heading towards The British Museum): I banged the top of my head pretty hard against the top of the door frame when I was getting in and somehow this also hurt the back of my neck. The neck pain was awful and I almost passed out. Really. Fortunately I was able to concentrate, move and speak and after a while we decided to go ahead with the plans for the rest of the day. The pain started to subside a little and today all that remains is a sore neck.
No more plans for the rest of the girls' midterm holidays: the weather is really lousy. Can you believe that tomorrow's high is a mere 11 degrees Celsius and the low is 5 degrees ? Meanwhile in Lisbon, they're baking at 33 degrees Celsius! The climate is truly going mad.


Mami said...

Querida, tens de ver se a pancada que deste não afectou alguma vértebra do pescoço.Não deixes de ir ao médico, já sabes que tens os ossos frágeis e podes mais tarde vir a ter problemas por causa disso.Mil beijinhos e até logo.

Anonymous said...

Dear sis,
Make sure you go to the GP asap, as those things should be seen.
If the pain persists, don't delay your appointment, ok?
Why are we all so hazardous prone? Damn...
p.s. Love u (wicked)