Monday, May 15, 2006

Mad night

Last night I went to bed early, at around 11:30 pm. I was really tired because of all the domestic chores I never manage to avoid on Sundays and also because of all the playing around in the garden before supper (Clara has gone sporty with a vengeance and she gave me quite a workout yesterday !). I wanted to get a good night's sleep to start off the week on the right foot.
However, it was not to be.
A short time after falling asleep, it must have been around midnight, the downstairs security-alarm went off. Hubby and I rushed down the stairs, turned the alarm off and spent nearly an hour trying to figure out what might have triggered it and looking for the user-manual with the correspondence between the alert codes on the control panel and the rooms in the house. Having found this and finally being able to properly interpret the alarm, we deduced that the the system had registered movement in the dining-room, where there's a sliding door to the garden. With this in mind, we ran another inspection but found nothing: the outside door was properly closed and locked and nothing seemed to be out of place. We decided to set the alarm again and go back to bed.
I stayed awake for a while and after about an hour I dozed off ... just in time to be abruptly awaken by the strident shrills of the security-alarm once again. Back we went downstairs and nothing did we find. We reset the alarm. Back we went upstairs and tried to go back to sleep, not really understanding what was going on.
After awhile, half-asleep and half-awake, I noticed that Ana had gotten up and was standing outside my bedroom door. She was having one of her sleepwaking spells and talking something that made no sense whatsoever (fortunately this is happening less and less nowadays and she never, ever, goes downstairs). I managed to talk her into going back to bed, although she was clearly upset with me in her dream.
A short time later, Clara woke up because she was having a nightmare and she was thirsty. She came to sleep in our bed.
It was now past 4 in the morning and I still hadn't slept for more than 10 minutes. After much tossing and turning, I fell asleep. Not for long, though: at 5:30, the security-alarm went off again! It was already day outside and after drawing open all the curtains downstairs and yet again failing to find anything wrong, hubby decided to go back to bed and leave the alarm off, which lead me to chose to start my day a bit earlier than usual and stay downstairs. On my way to the kitchen to make some much needed coffee, I noticed a not-so-small spider speeding on the dining-room ceiling and a big, freshly woven, spider web near the alarm sensor.
Needless to say it and its house no longer exist.


wicked said...

My goodness,what a night!
I hope you can catch up on your sleep tonight...

Claudia said...

wicked indeed

unowho said...

It must have been quite frightening and annoying for both of you. Thank goodness the girls were spared the scare.Lots of kisses for everybody and special nighty night wishes for tonight.
Love u.