Saturday, May 20, 2006

Therapeutical list

Things to be excited about:

- Clara's first wobbly tooth: the tooth fairy is going to give her a shinning coin for the first time when it falls out. She's thrilled: up until now the tooth fairy only left presents for her sister.
- Plans for the midterm break next week: trains (Ana and Clara have never been on a train!), the London Zoo and Prince Edward Theatre to see Mary Poppins; perhaps also Legoland in Windsor... don't know yet. Everything is so expensive! I've just remembered that last year I was in Paris with friends during the girls' midterm break.
- Mum and Dad's visit in a few weeks time. It's been our longest separation yet: 6 months since we were last with them, at Christmas!
- Plans for a garden makeover: new lawn and plants in the backgarden, new pavement and fencing in the front. As soon as the house is ours.


Anonymous said...

(Ana and Clara have never been on a train!)

SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rauf said...

I am glad that they now will grow up without knowing what junk food is Are they banning it from September ? why wait till september ?

I should be thankful to you Claudia for this information thru BBC2 link, I get all the news too