Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Today's highlights

My lovelies had a disco party at school this evening. They both looked gorgeous and had a good time. Earlier on in the day, Clara's class had been out on a walk around a nearby lake to observe local wild life, so it's been a long and exciting day for her.
As for me, I have the most debilitating, nauseous, blinding, head-splitting migraine I've had for a long time . I'm going to bed and leaving hubby in charge.

PS - No other relevant news.


Rauf said...

Its a bit hard to belive Claudia, I had suffered migraines(had to go back to your post to check the spelling hope it is right)

Every morning as the sun rose I would get unbearable head aches, I was in school. This was 50 years ago. All treatments tried. My mom took me to all specialists and even faith healers. Migrains became a part of my life and i accepted it as daily routine and went about going to school. I used to play cricket with splitting migraine. I realised I was beginning to enjoy the pain and every morning I waited for it. Stopped going to doctors. I had absolutely no guidance. the pain would normally remain till sunset. Gradually it came down to afternoons, then the pain would disappear at 9 in the morning. one morning i waited, it never came. till today. i think it was the change in attitude which cured me. I continued with 'don't care' attitude and haven't been to a doctor in past 30 years. that doesn't mean I am healthy Claudia, i just don't care and allow the body to heal itself, I'll be 59 in January. I can't say I am in good shape. but I carry on.

mami said...

Meu amor,
só agora consegui escrever-te, embora desde ontem, qd soube que estavas com essa horrorosa dor de cabeça, só não tivesse tentado falar para aí por pensar que ia incomodr, mais do que contribuir de qualquer maneira para ajudar a que ficasses melhor.O facto de hoje não ter havido escritas também não me sossega muito, mas espero que isso não seja sinal de que a situação se mantém.Deus queira que melhores depressa, meu amor, e que as nossas picocas estejam bem.Muitos beijinhos para ti, para o Michel e para elas.Assim que puderes, dá notícias, sim? Gostei de ler o comentário do teu leitor assíduo. Lembrei-me do Titó, que assim que fechou a loja deixou de ter aquelas dores de cabeça tratadas a Belergal que obrigavam toda a família a andar em bicos de pés...

Mami said...

Bom dia, meu amor.Espero que estejas melhor.

Anonymous said...

How are you, sweet sis? Please keep us posted!