Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blenheim Palace

Yesterday we decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and go on a long drive to visit Blenheim Palace, home to the Dukes of Malborough since the 18th century and birthplace of Winston Churchill.
The beauty, taste and opulence of English countryside palaces never fail to dazzle me. Woburn (home to the Dukes of Bedford) , Leeds Castle and now Blenheim Palace are indeed worthy of admiration (Blenheim has been a World Heritage Site since 1987). Not only are the grounds breathtaking, the palaces architectural masterpieces and visitors provided with close up encounters with history, through excellent preservation of contents and skillfully designed exhibitions, but also, the "lived in" look makes all the difference: this is actually somebody's home!
All of us loved it - it has to be one of the most beautiful places in England - and the girls were exceptionally excited with what one of the lady guides - the very nice and posh one in the State Dining Room - said to them: if they really liked the palace, maybe one day they could get married there. I'll have to keep playing Euromillions.
Photos over in Lovely Places (only exteriors, cameras not allowed inside the palace; for inside photos visit the palace's official site:


unowho said...


Rauf said...

Few Days ago I was in Srirangapatnam, in Karnataka to see Tippu Sultan palace, no cameras allowed inside.
Decided not to ruin my mood. Thought I could save some time did not go inside. Tippu sultan was a nightmare to the British empire, interesting history there. Saw the place where Tippu sultan's body was found.

Lovely pictures and description again Claudia. Feel so rich.

Have you read Churchill's life at the Harrow ?

Claudia said...

Welcome back, Rauf !

Churchill did badly at Harrow and was punished often for poor work and lack of effort. He was too independent and rebellious. He failed various courses several times.

Anonymous said...

Srirangapatnam, in Karnataka is no place to be. Too difficult to pronounce

Anonymous said...

Hace you heard that the "Rheingold" that was seen last week end at São Carlos is to be considered THE "Rheingold" of the century?

Claudia said...

Rhinegold: give me Tosca anytime. Besides, the century is still quite young. Did you get to see it, though?

Rauf said...

Anonymous, I was told to go to Pattinamthitta and change the bus, imagine my plight after getting into the bus I forgot the name of the place where I was supposed to go.

Carlos said...

Great pictures. I have to tell you that your photostream at flickr is fantastic, particularly those of El Algarve.