Friday, June 09, 2006

Congratulations are in order

After an epic odyssey that lasted six head throbbing months, our house is finally ours! Now we'll have to roll up our sleeves and start extensive maintenance work because the landlord was a slob.
But first we'll celebrate with the very special guests who are arriving tomorrow! Hooray!


BBB said...

Congrats sis!!!!!!
I hope u will all be very happy there.
love u

Rauf said...

Congratulations Claudia ! Peaceful sleep at last. Been reading about the problems of the previous landlord.

Claudia said...

Thank you BBB, thank you Rauf! It is a very important milestone for us.

Anonymous said...

And on the 9th of June!!!!!!´
Congratulations and a happy life.
Now that you have the house it is time to think to come to Portugal

Claudia said...

Ó Vizir Iznogoud: é que é já a seguir!!!

Claudia said...

Thank you Iznogoud!