Monday, June 19, 2006

Digital thermometers

I just took my temperature using three different digital thermometers and I repeated the readings on each one several times. I made absolutely sure I used each one correctly. Turns out my temperature ranged, in a two minute period, from 35.2ºC to 39ºC.
Why is it that home digital thermometers, even relatively expensive ear temperature reading ones, are so unreliable? Give me a mercury thermometer any time (I still have one, which I used in the end: it read 38.2ºC).
I feel absolutely rotten. I've had a really bad cough for more than one month now, my head aches, I've got chills every now and then and I'm completely lethargic. Yet, while I manage to go on, as I still do, I refuse to go to the GP, much to hubby's dismay. Never did a doctor do anything for me and I've learned to distrust them profoundly. Unless something is obvious, to them and to me, they really don't have much of a clue about what's going on; you end up wasting your time and your health on them. In the end, their common sense is just as good as mine so I'll just skip the bother.
So, when I feel really bad and don't know what the heck is the matter is with me, I take a couple of paracetamol tablets and, whenever possible, sleep it off. It's worked so far, as I'm still here.
I know I shouldn't be saying this; it's very irresponsible for someone with small children. Please indulge my momentary need to divulge how miserable I feel. I do promise to go to the doctor's if I don't feel better by the end of the week.


Gert said...

I discovered last week that the digital blood pressure monitor at my local Teaching Hospital is hopelessly inaccurate. The old-asioned way - stethosope - measure by BP at 100/70, which is normal for me. the electronic one kept reading it at 128/90 which is inexplicably high for me.

iznogood said...

No way to get to the 21th!
Please get well instantly!
Oh! and, yes, you are right about doctors