Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Family heirloom

Approximately seven years ago I inherited a very old and dear piano. It was on it that my sisters and I played our first tunes when we were kids and before us our father and before him his father's sisters. It was bought by my great-grandfather at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century and it has played a cherished and irreplaceable part in our family's life during more than a century. And what a century it was! It lived through wars and revolutions, births and deaths, it witnessed profound personal tragedy and it survived it all. Innumerable dear hands have played it, derived and given pleasure through it. A great many heartfelt emotions have been expressed through it, in good times and in bad, by people I love, loved or who where loved by them.
Its sound was always deep, moving and nostalgic.
I had left it too long without being tuned and properly cared for. It's a survivor but nonetheless it is old and deserving of the respect and caring old loved ones deserve.
I had it looked into and tuned today. It's back in the best possible shape for its age and it sounds great again. The very sound that inhabits some of my fondest childhood memories.
I hope my daughters will take good care of it.

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Rauf said...

priceless indeed.
They will Claudia, if you encourage them.

I have benn living in my room for over 45 years. the things around me have seen not much of tragedy, but mostly my stupidity. I wonder if they respect me, my books and music specially.