Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day. The girls gave their dad a couple of cute cards and woke him up especially early to do so (poor dad!). I'm making a nice dinner and that's the only celebration we're having. There's been too much partying in the last week already.
Clara's best friend's birthday party is also today. Both Clara and Ana were invited (Ana is adored by all of Clara's friends, most of whom don't have siblings) and they are there right now. The house feels really strange and empty without them on this warm Sunday afternoon. I know I should make the most of their absence to relax but I never really can. The back of my mind is always worrying about something or other when they're not with me. Especially when they are miles away, as is the case.
Feels good, though, to be sitting out in the garden with my laptop and silence all around. Hurray for wireless networks.

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