Saturday, June 10, 2006


Mum and Dad brought the hot weather with them from Portugal. It's over 30º C and not a cloud in the sky. Lovely weather to be out and about and we certainly have plans to do so, even though I think Dad really prefers to be home watching the World Cup.
There are several events happening around here to give this weekend an even more festive feel: Bon Jovi's concert at the National Bowl, the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, a couple of important flower shows and car boot sales.


Rauf said...

A friend of mine lives in Portsmouth, comments as Lord Boo in my blog, has gone to silverstone hoping to meet Shumacher. Its pretty hot here in Chennai too with no hope of rain.
The world cup is taking away all the attention from the other events, Wimbledon is coming, the Ascot ? when is that ?
enjoy the summer Claudia

gautami tripathy said...

Here it is 44+ Deg C! All I can say is lucky you! It literally burns your skin when you venture out! Sunscreen are useless!

Anonymous said...

Daqui a pouco tens o Dalai Lama a intervir no teu blog