Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Portugal 2 - Mexico 1

Didn't see most of the match but what I did see of the second half was a bit disappointing. Will Portugal survive the match against Holland next Sunday?
Brilliant performance by Scolari, gesticulating and passionately lecturing Nuno Gomes as he was warming up to substitute Helder Postiga.


Anonymous said...

How do you know it's against Holland and not Argentina? Where are your sources?!? I want Cable TV !!!!!!!!!
(crazy sis)

Claudia said...

My source is the FIFA site, crazy sis:

Today I forgot that the time listed at the FIFA site for the start of the match (16:00) was, obviously, German local time (15:00 in Britain and in Portugal).


Anonymous said...

Ok! That settles that.... Gotta go check the FIFA site more often!!! (laughs)

Rauf said...

watched a bit when the mexican missed a penalty.

Claudia said...

Can you believe he missed that??!!!

Claudia said...

Ana's worst nightmare is if Portugal plays against England on July 1st (which is probably what is going to happen). She says she'll have a hard time at school if Portugal wins (which is probably what is going to happen). She'll only be forgiven if Portugal goes on to win the World Cup (which is probably what is going to happen). And so, in the wise words of Wills Shakespeare, all's well that ends well (which is probably what is going to happen, only we have to wait until July 9th).