Monday, June 12, 2006


Clara's birthday party, Stoke Goldington and Woburn Safari Park.


Darius said...

Wish I were there instead of here.

Rauf said...

Dinner table is demanding invasion Claudia, I am not sit at the table and eat type, I am walk and eat type, While eating i cross 2 kilometers. or read 2 pages if i am at home. Your table is demanding all my attention. seriously.
Stoke Goldington is your house ?
lovely it is.

Rauf said...

Never seen such a neat Birthday cake, I can read easily, terrific clarity

Claudia said...

Alas, no, Rauf. Stoke Goldington is a small village in Buckinghamshire with lovely traditional thatched roof houses. I took my parents there on a short sightseeing trip around the countryside.