Friday, June 23, 2006

What YOU should know

Using a mobile phone or an iPod during a thunderstorm could kill you, doctors warned today.
Three doctors said using such devices in stormy weather could increase your risk of being struck by lightning.
The effects of electrocution were also likely to be more severe as the metallic components of phones and portable music players could act as a conductor, causing potentially lethal internal injuries, the doctors wrote in a letter to the British Medical Journal. ---
Read the whole Guardian article.
June 23 (Bloomberg) --- Bird flu was spread directly between members of an Indonesian family in the first laboratory-confirmed case of human-to-human transmission of the lethal virus, a World Health Organization official said. "We have seen a genetic change that confirms in a laboratory that the virus has moved from one human to another.'' Clusters of human cases in which the virus was transmitted from person to person, including to health workers treating infected patients, may signal the emergence of a pandemic strain capable of killing millions of people. --- Read the whole Bloomberg story.
And, last but not least, with so many terrorist plots being uncovered (here, here, and here), it is almost certain that many more remain to uncover.
Bleak outlook.


iznogood said...

1)"levy war" ???????
2) Doctors?? Why doctors? What do they know better that the rest about elecrtricity and thunderstorms?

Claudia said...

"levy war" ???????

Claudia said...

I guess they've had to deal with the effects of electricity and thunderstorm on iPod and mobile users...