Friday, July 14, 2006


1. Israel's attack on Lebanon and the murder of more than 50 innocent Lebanese civilians.
2. The publication of a photo of Diana as she lay dying in her car.
3. The latest "honour killing" of a 25 year-old woman by her brother and her cousin (horrifically!) because she wanted to marry a man from a lower caste.

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Rauf said...

Indeed, Claudia. They are supposed to be educated and religious. The tragedy is, such ' honour killings' are sanctioned by the state in Pakistan and the murderer goes scot free. There are similar cases in India, in the cities and in rural areas where both boy and girl of different cast are murdered. But in india they don't get away with the murder. There are many social evil practices still prevalant in India and Pakistan. Dowry deaths, burning of the bride are most common.