Friday, July 14, 2006

Family report

Blue eyed sis is here! It was a complete surprise for Ana and Clara, who didn't suspect a thing and were overjoyed when they saw their aunt standing with a suitcase outside the train station. She'll be staying with us for a couple of weeks and we're all hoping that being with her nieces for a while will work wonders.
Sis arrived just in time for the girls' end-of-year school events (there's just one more week of school left). This morning it was Ana's class assembly for parents, where my daughter read one of her poems and did a dance routine. From 1pm to 3pm, it was her Sports Day, where she won a "gold" medal and a "silver" medal under a deep blue sky and scorching sun (both me and sis got quite sunburned but Ana was alright because she put some suncream on).
On Monday it will be Clara's Sports Day and she's participating in a lot of races. She's not as athletic as Ana but I'm sure she'll do fine: she just loves participating and doesn't much care about winning. Still, she has be practicing a lot and is really excited about it.
Hubby, unfortunately, has been missing out on all of this because he's been really, really busy at work and has no time for anything else.
No plans for the weekend (isn't it great not to have plans once in a while?). We'll just enjoy the good weather and eachother's company.
Feels like we're on holiday already!

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