Monday, July 03, 2006


Rem Koolhaas's plans for the new Serpentine Pavilion in Kensington Gardens, London, are simply fascinating. The pavilion's roof will be "a giant, helium-filled, translucent canopy, which will rise and fall depending on weather conditions. When it is cold and windy, it will lie low; but on fine days, the cables holding it down will be loosened, and its bulbous form will rise like a balloon, higher than the gallery itself. There are some climactic justifications for this bizarre structure [...] but it is essentially a joyous extravagance that stretches the definition of built form a little further." Read the Guardian's article: The Gas Ceiling.


Rauf said...

looks beautiful. good concept Claudia. have they thought of fire accidents ?

Claudia said...

Helium is a non-toxic, non-flammable gas. Anyway, it's only a temporary pavilion and health and safety is always a major concern in this type of high-profile projects so I'm sure it will be OK.