Saturday, July 15, 2006



Anonymous said...

At last! Did you have your moussaka?

Claudia said...

Yes but it wasn't that good, and it's definitely not going into the hall of fame of moussakas!
Sis had sausages and mash, Clara had a kids' burger with chips and peas, Ana had fish and chips and hubby had breast of duck with orange. Clara topped it all off with a slice of chocolate cake with three scoops of ice-cream. It was only yesterday, don't worry: it was sis' treat and we wouldn't eat like this everyday!!

Rauf said...

Sailed over my head, what is it called Claudia ?

Rauf said...

I am posting it here too.

You may not know Claudia you are my teacher. When I started blogging, seems like century ago, I did not know what to write and knew nothing about the format. I used to learn a great deal from your blog.
Though I do not have the computer knowledge to incorporate all the goodies you have added. The mill stone was the first favourite I had added. And you do not know how far your music and radio links have reached. most of my friends are listening to them now.
thank you so much and I thank you on behalf of my friends.

Claudia said...

Thank you so much, Rauf! I most certainly don't deserve such praise. I keep this blog mainly to keep in touch with far away friends and family but it is also a kind of personal therapy. Unlike most bloggers, I'm not trying to get as many readers as possible (hence not having any permanent links to other blogs and not being a member of such groups as "blogging Brits").
I am touched by your comment!

iznogood said...

Eis-te um autêntico guru dos blogs, oh comendadora dos crentes!